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November 09, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright Archival Prints

Travel back in time with our Frank Lloyd Wright archival prints. Printed on 100% archival acid free fine art paper, using the highest quality ink sets. Perfect for that vacant frame you've been meaning to fill. View more...

November 09, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Stained Glass

At dawn, look to the East. This Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Stained Glass, depicting flowers and lily pads floating in a tranquil pool, is adapted from a peacock motif rug designed by Wright for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. View more...

November 09, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Banff Pavilion to be rebuilt brick by brick.

Once Lost to Flooding, a new team of Architects attempt to stay true to Frank Lloyd Wright ’s original plans for the Banff Pavilion. The diverse team of professors from Ryerson University vow to stay true to the original while trying to update the structure to meet modern codes and flood prevention. View more...

November 09, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cylindrical Masterpiece Hits the Market.

You’re not tripping: this mushroom shaped Frank LloydW right house just hit the market. Check out the curves on this Westchester home and try not to drool over the blueprints. Also known as the Friedman house, this masterpiece is looking for a contour-construction connoisseur to call it home. View more...


October 15, 2017

How Frank Lloyd Wright’s Take on Mayan Temples Shaped Hollywood

Hollywood has always seen something sinister in the Ennis House, a 1924 Frank Lloyd Wright design in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. View more...

October 15, 2017

This Rare Frank Lloyd Wright Home is Still Searching for a Buyer

It’s an official Chicago Landmark and one of the most unusual Frank Lloyd Wright designs in the Midwest, but it’s still searching for a buyer. Known as the Foster House and Stable, the house can be considered a rare Frank Lloyd Wright for a number of reasons. View more ...

September 30, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright Tried to Solve the City

Frank Lloyd Wright hated cities. He thought that they were cramped and crowded, stupidly designed, or, more often, built without any sense of design at all. View more...

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