Framed Arts & Crafts Tiles

Each Motawi tile is carefully hand crafted at Motawi Tileworks in their Ann Arbor, Michigan studio. The production of the quartersawn solid oak frame is a four step process, the final of which is a hand rubbed wax, just like Stickley used on his furniture. This gives the frame the patina of a well seasoned family heirloom that will withstand sunlight and wear and provide beauty and enjoyment for years to come. Each frame comes with a slotted hanging notch which is milled into the back. 

Framed Songbirds Tile Jade
Framed Songbirds Motawi Tile Jade $268.00 $229.95
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Framed Dard Hunter Rose Dark Oak Tile
Framed Dard Hunter Rose Dark Oak Motawi Tile $132.00 $108.00
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Framed Dragonfly Turquoise Tile
Framed Dragonfly Turquoise Motawi Tile $144.00
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Bleeding Heart Mantel Clock
Arts & Crafts Bleeding Heart Mantel Clock $380.00 $359.95
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