Roller Stylus Pen Silver by Ten Design Stationery

Item# TD121212SL

The Roller Stylus Pen by Ten Design Stationery is a rollerball pen and stylus on the opposite end. Designed to work with the vast majority of Smartphones and tablets, the stylus tip is made to work with virtually any touch-screen device. Not only is this great for improving your typing accuracy (resulting in fewer mistakes), it also is as responsive as a finger touch, excellent for people with long nails, keeps finger prints off screens, reduces contact with germs in public places and is ideal for playing games or drawing on your Smartphone or tablet. This capacitive stylus is merged into a straight hexagonal rod expressing an architectural sense. The magnetic caps on both ends provide an amazing capping experience that allows the caps to lock onto the pen. Jewel finish adds extra sheen and style. Black Ink Rollerball. German refill (universal type). Ten Design Stationery established in 2010, is a 100% Hong Kong design stationery brand. They aim to discover creative and practical elements for stationery and presenting them in the beauty of minimalism and provide attractive choices for design lovers. ‘Ten’ is inspired from Japanese. The pronunciation of ‘ten’ in Japanese means ‘a point’. Writing begins from a point; hence, they use ‘ten’ as their brand name.

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